FiberSport Pole Selection Chart complies w/NFHS RULE 6-5-4

COMPLIES WITH NFHS RULE 6-5-4 singular weight label

NOTE: Freight is $170 per shipment within the USA

How to select your pole

1. Select the grip.

2. Select the weight.

3. Select a pole that is not longer than 18" over their best jump. 

Allan Williams UK Master Vaulter says; "Your Reach Should Exceed Your Grasp"

4. Exception vaulter jumping less than 10' should use an 11' pole .

5. Athletes of better talent and speed my use a pole 5 lbs to 20 Lbs over their weight.  

6. Ultimately the pole you select, should be based on the recommendation of the person training or coaching you. 

The guidelines we suggest, are for a starting point and a way to move towards proper progression.

If you are having problems fitting your vaulters to meet these guidelines. You have not taken into account the missing link! or the missing equation! Today's vaulting poles are measured for a weight rating and an average handhold for a grip 4" to 8" below the top of the pole. if you select a pole length that is 12" to 18" over the vaulter's grip you are not getting the right pole for that vaulter! at a grip of 18" down from the top of the pole, the pole will not roll over (due to to the distance from the center of the sail of the pole) and the pole resistance at take-off will be 5 to 10lbs stiffer. The grip must be an additional factor in pole selection, this is the missing link!