The High Jump is a FiberSport

NEW FiberSport High Jump Step-Saver


 This Unique Device allows serious high jumpers to mark approach run quickly and accurately with one angle, one distance, saves time for more warm-ups and prevents costly measuring errors. Step-Saver fits on the flat base of most High Jump Standards. Designed and patented by Dave F. Johnston World Class Coach $12.95 and you get 4 sets of savers in a bag (includes domestic shipping.)

New product saves you time for more warm-ups and is more accurate than triangulating!



Remove 1 set of labels from the bag and align the center of the two together with the clock 12 towards the run-up, centered on the bottom post of the standard. Right side for left foot take-off and left side for right foot take-off.  You may use one side for both just an extreme angle! Place the hook pointing away from you towards standard upright.  

Left Foot Take-off Right Standard



Use the  hook centered on the graphic to attach the tape measure. Seek the angle, a clock is on the Graphic for familiarity. Once you know your High Jump take-off point use the step saver to measure the angle by clock and length to the spot.  For left foot take-off use right side standard. 

Right Foot Take-Off use Left Standard



 For Right foot take off use left standard.  Go to any other meet and the numbers are the same using the Step-Saver device.  Take the other sets with you to the meet follow instructions again and leave the High Jump Step-Saver for them to enjoy. The kit has a total of 4 sets you can take the remaining 3 with you.

Fits Most Standards, but if it does not here is a work around


 If you do not have a flat plate to place stickers on, use some Foam Gator Board (not included) cut to fit the upright and secure to standard with Tie strips.  Cut-out to fit the standard upright.  As long as the center is aligned with the up-right your number will be the same!

We replace the one you take to a meet if you leave it and we make a sale.


 Take the other sets with you to the meet follow instructions again and leave the High Jump Step-Saver for them to enjoy. There are 4 in the package. (Tape measure not included).   If you leave a set on the standards at a school, send us an email of the school and the coach's name. We will contact them and if they buy a set of 4 we will send you one replacement  step-saver FREE. (limited to one per sale)