Welcome to FiberSport Pole Vaulting Poles

Welcome to FiberSport Pole Vaulting Poles

Welcome to FiberSport Pole Vaulting PolesWelcome to FiberSport Pole Vaulting Poles


A Special Pole Vaulting Pole no one else is making!


FiberSport Glass poles, are made to accommodate vaulters who have problems timing on fast returning to vertical vaulting poles of other brands. OUR NEW INVENTION is the introduction of a pole that will bend properly at any given point within the grip area. Read more in the website! 

Pole Vaulting Poles is a big part of Bruce Caldwell's DNA ( CUSTOMER SERVICE )

Yes, Bruce Caldwell is back making pole vaulting poles and providing the great service you are accustomed too, with help selecting the right pole vaulting pole, for your track and field needs. We have always believed that it is good business to model our customer service the same as Amazon .com. The best Follow-up in the pole industry and the ability to get a hold of someone during normal working hours! plus Saturdays. We care about your vaulters. We would rather take the time to fit them than send them the wrong pole.

Bruce has Resurrected the FiberSport Pole, many top vaulters in the past jumped their best on! *

Poles will be available and stocked in January of  2020.  Taking orders now and Interviewing for Dealers!   (Taking Dealer orders in advance)

*The FiberSport Pole's past history is 3 World Records, one indoor, two outdoor, a 1980 Olympic Record and a Gold Medal in the Moscow 1980 Olympics By Wolly (Wladyslaw) Kozakiewicz. Today, Top Ladies and men are using FiberSport Poles


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The best pole in the World is the one that fits!

We love our customers, so feel free to call for advice on pole selection. during normal business hours. You can email me directly at info@fibersportpoles.com

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