Unique FiberSport Pole Features

Visual Weight Label


Top Label is color for high visibility to the weight load length of the pole. Do Not exceed this limit no matter how low you are holding. Go to our resistance chart and write it on your poles and also the color code of the length to aid in coach supervision from the coaches box. 

10 foot Black- 11 foot Yellow

11'6"-Green - 12' Red - 12'7" Orange

13' Gray - 13'7" baby Blue - 14' Brown

14'7"  Turquoise Blue - 15' Purple

15'7" Dark Blue -  16' Lime Green 

16'5" White

Long Attractive Orange Lasting Pole Tips


Our designs of the sail pattern of the pole in unison with the egg shaped Durable pole tip, keeps the pole away from the back of the  box increasing the angle and allowing for management of a stiffer pole by .2 flex number. Long lasting yet less expensive technology. 

More info on FiberSport Pole tips click here

Easy to See Single Top Weight Rating Label


Our FiberSport Glass poles are a school's money saver, young vaulters will time much better on less expensive non-carbon vaulting poles. 

If you see spelling errors point them out, I make & sell vaulting poles, an English Prof. I am not!