ESSXSport was founded 1998 a little history

We started ESSXSport the 4th Generation Design Bruce Caldwell pole in Mexico


Beto Marin Sanchez  used re-designed  patterns from the Accelerator pole by Bruce Caldwell. And our Group consisting of 2 engineers and Myself and Earl Bell. Took every pattern and revamped it to be consistent using  computer modeling and  FEA Finite Element Analysis.

We Moved to Glen Oaks California


Moving to the USA was important. It was very difficult managing a pole making operations out of the country . Making deliveries on time and to maintain the consistency that Pole making has to have to produce a great pole! Earl Bell signature poles was the ticket.  And we went Public on the OTCBB

Upgrading to New Concepts in Pole Making


All the pole equipment was re-furbished and upgraded to use new ideas in pole making.  As we improved equipment it was still the same old way and the equipment upgrades just made it easier, but the proof of the pudding was still performance and durability.

We added Other Sports Products to the line


Alberto Caberlotto maker of the LOTTO shoe came on  our Board of Directors, along with Rick Foster, Earl Bell, Dwight Stones, A Malaysian Sports Group , and  over 700 shareholders  with over 60 million shares issued. We raised over $500,000  in a private placement. 

We Designed & Manufactured Pole Vault and High Jump Landing Systems


We had Pacific Mat previous owner Uli Gag come on board as a director and merged his company in with ours  to produce an ESSXSport landing system line Endorsed by Earl Bell and Dwight Stones.

Sharks came in from the OTCBB Stock Market


A ompany called Giant Jr. associated with  Miss Beverly and Wall-Street .net bought majority of the stock and took the company over with  their own staff.  I bought the pole vault manufacturing equipment and ESSX name as well as from them and went private  with those companies. Moved all to Fort Worth Texas . I still have 1 million shares. I did not sell at the right time and they today are worth  $.00001 a share . same thing happened to many other friends and investors of the stock!  


The Adventure Continues as to Why


ESSX as a Public Company, as a Private Company, and as Distributor

I had resigned from Port-a-Pit in 1998. Port-a-Pit still sells good landing systems and track stuff today. I opened a company EssxSport Corp, and took it public on the OTCBB as ESXS, As CEO we had 700 shareholders and there was 60 million shares issued. We raised money to run operations and purchase a landing systems manufacturer and  build our own pole making equipment.  The public entity was expensive and volatile with so many Sharks swarming in.  The stock never reached our expectations and then the Stock Markets went south. Sold to Giant Jr investment for enough money to pay off the bills. and bought the PV manufacturing and operations for $127,000, moved it to Fort Worth Texas Out of my own pocket , I continued to evolve the pole line in Texas with lots of success.


Sold the Pole Manufacturing to UST-Mamiya Golf TX

I had a vision to make the very best pole in the World. I found a special  uni-carbon material with extreme flexible strain  ratios available. However, the minimum order was $10,000. A local golf manufacturer, UST-Mamiya Golf  used a high volume of it and was willing to sell smaller portions to ESSXSport, I would go every month and buy the necessary amount from them to produce carbon poles, which we produced proudly with confidence.   I was limited by working capitol to buy the carbon direct from Japan.  Finding a place to share the knowledge of making poles and the resources of volume buying seemed the answer.  Moving to a space in the UST-Mamiya Golf facility in Fort Worth, TX was the answer.  After some time they took a big interest in the process. Selling the manufacturing to them meant, I could still sell ESSX poles and they would make them for me. They were driven to update the machinery and they had the buying power to buy carbon and glass at a very good per sq ft. price. This new solution became also an affordable one for both ESSXSport and UST Mamiya, as they were using this carbon daily on their golf shafts. UST-Mamiya Golf  was driven and successful to make shafts that were tough to break, something I felt the pole industry needed also. While very successful and growing for 3 years,  our agreement  ended in 2016 without renewal of the distribution. They had a plan to make changes in the designs of the products, the personnel, and the marketing that  would yield them more profit and ease in a faster supply mechanism. I just did not fit that model and I had other products and ideas to share and focus on.   I knew I would miss working with my pole customers, but could still do so as they would be my customer for the other products.  There are over 35,000 vaulting poles I sold in the field with my cell phone on them. And today many call me for the kind of service they are use to getting from me over the years, Dependable and  a passion for the Sport!  


Why am I Resurrecting FiberSport to sell a 5th Generation Pole?

 For over 45 years , I've played  a leading role in the technology of the Fiberglass vaulting pole development by taking suggestions made by Elite Vaulters, to the most promising engineers in our business. Time after time  my ideas and pole models and brands have continued to evolve by following this simple process;  listen to the vaulters and challenge the engineers to help me solve these issues.

The benefit is that we now approach a new generation  of vaulters whose poles were in essence designed  by the best vaulters in the World. 

With  my return to FiberSport, I've created a cross between all poles I have ever made. The New FiberSport Pole is responsive, yet forgiving. Easy to roll, but still has the resistance in the return.

When the decision was made to part company with UST-ESSX, I felt my suggestions were no longer as welcome as they once were.  And since my suggestions are coming  from the best vaulters  in the World, I felt I needed to move on so I could continue to reflect your wishes !